The art of being an innovative young entrepreneur

The art of being an innovative young entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship and innovation are two words that appear with great prominence in the business scenario.

But, has everyone already realized that the entrepreneur, is not necessarily an innovative person? And that every innovation needs an entrepreneurial spirit?

Indeed, we need to look at the difference between these two words, which always appear as soul mates, but, in fact, they are different.

So here we go:

Entrepreneurship is synonymous with leadership, strategy, creativity, commitment and calculated risk.

Innovation is the ability to change a scenario or to revolutionize, not necessarily only the new, but also something that already exists.

When we combine the ability to change, abusing creativity, ahead of all, with well-designed strategic goals, with commitment and seriousness, evaluating and calculating all risk, we will have a good chance of achieving success as a final result.

Yes, we can say that we are entrepreneurs and innovators.

We need to establish what the focus will be on. Can we be simply entrepreneurs and not pursue innovation? We can be entrepreneurs focused on the differential, but we do not necessarily have a commitment to innovation.

And what do young entrepreneurs think about innovation? It seems that this equation is natural for young people who want to start their own business, as the result of a survey that has been applied to more than 52,000 university students and recent graduates.

The highest indexes were:

  • Possibility of innovating
  • Possibility of being able to differentiate itself from other professionals
  • Expression of personal creativity
  • Desire to surprise
  • dare
  • Get out of the common place
  • Leave your mark

In another research, it was found that 56% of young Brazilians want to stop being wage earners to run their own business.

A study by the National Bureau of Economic Research in the United States found that rebellion, confidence, intelligence, and a high level of self-esteem are common characteristics that have made young people successful entrepreneurs.

Is it better to stop studying and invest time and money in the business itself?

Despite this worldwide trend, it has never been more advantageous to continue studies, as now.

The University, in addition to guaranteeing the cultural repertoire, which weighs heavily at the moment of conception of the idea, gives the young entrepreneur the possibility of being part of the University’s “Business Incubator”, with the counterpart of providing physical space, Therefore, it is very advantageous to start this way.

The union of all these factors can favor the ultimate success, but in addition, in order to win, you must have determination, focus and vision, as well as courage to take risks.

What is the exact formula for success? It is difficult to determine, but try these inspirations:


Writing a list of your strengths and weaknesses will increase self-awareness.

Pay attention to your strengths and treat weaknesses with respect.

Our qualities or abilities become the best allies in choosing a direction to follow.


Everyone always ends up mirroring someone.

Prepare to become the mirror, step forward and go beyond.

An innovative idea should not be choked by shyness or fear of risking the unknown.

The first barrier to be broken is that of overcoming oneself.


It is not necessary to imagine that everything will always be very easy and not challenging.

Lack of a positive attitude will lead to discouragement and withdrawal.

Fire was invented 300,000 years ago, and the lighter – our portable fire – in 1920.

A good idea may be slow to come, but certainly an open and positive mind will help speed things up.


Finding out that we can always improve and overcome our indecisions can be the exact point to become an excellent entrepreneur.

Innovation is key, but if we do not go beyond our limits, we will never know what challenges we can overcome.

Heloisa Lucas

Heloisa Lucas

Mestre em Comunicação e Mercado. Mentoring especialista em Gestão de Negócios e Empreendedorismo. Owner, autora e organizadora do Portal EKO Educação Corporativa. Organizadora do livro “Por dentro do Trade Marketing”. Organizadora dos E-Books: “RH Turbo – Como transpirar, inspirar e transformar”, “C.H.A do Líder – Os sabores do desafio em Vendas” e “ABC do RH – A evolução dos Recursos Humanos nos dias atuais”. Atua há mais de 30 anos em Comunicação, Mercado e Negócios, atendendo empresas como: AMBEV, Governo do Estado de São Paulo, Carrefour, Lojas Americanas, Banco do Brasil, Bradesco, Itaú, Cartier do Brasil, Honda Motor, Ford, Banco de Tókio, entre outras. Agraciada com os prêmios concedidos pela ABRH – Associação Brasileira de Recursos Humanos em Comunicação Interna e pela Universidade Anhembi Morumbi com o “TOP 20 Professores”.

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